College Prospectus contains the Application Forms and detailed information about this institution. It can be obtained from the College Admission Office by hand on cash payment of Rs.1800/- (non refundable). Admission form along with Challan Form worth Rs.1,800/-(non refundable) may be obtained from the College website. Those living outside the country shall manage to get the Challan Form paid in any HBL branch in Pakistan and a copy be enclosed with Admission Form.

  To save the time, the easiest way to complete the process of submission of forms is to download the Prospectus, Admission Form (including Challan Form) and pattern / sample papers from the College website during given dates. Any one can apply online through Registration Form available on our website.

The downloaded form will have to be submitted along with a fee of Rs. 1,800/-(non refundable) through Habib Bank Challan form (available along with the downloaded Admission Form) and deposited in any branch of Habib Bank Limited. Application form Complete in all respect and copy of challan form (deposited) is to be sent to the address: Principal Uswa College Islamabad, Saif Ali Educational Complex, Japan Road, Sehala, Islamabad.

Admissions for 1st Yr shall open in July 2022

 Admissions open for Class 7 & 8 of Year 2022

a) Last Date to Apply is 15th March, 2022

b) Entrance Exam on 20th March, 2022


No quota allocation earmarked. Selection nation-wide on merit only. For further information, please contact:

Admission Office: 051-2722900, 0333-5278314, 0300-5205900,



  • Courses Offered

Regular admission in the College is made in class VII. Limited admissions may be made in class VIII and XI (pre-Medical, pre-Engineering and Computer Sciences, only) subject to availability of seats. No admissions are made in class 9th, 10th and 2nd year.


  • General Instructions


Uswa College Islamabad




  1. Candidates are advised to locate the Examination Centre and route a day before the Examination to avoid any possibility of arriving late on the morning of the Examination.
Important Note 2. There will be only one session of Entrance Test of 3 hours duration (9:00 AM to 12:00 PM). Candidate will be given a consolidated booklet comprising of all the components. Answers will be written in the spaces provided in the same question booklet. No extra sheet will be given.


  1. All candidate must be present in College premises as per the following schedule, so that the necessary formalities may be completed before allowing the entry into the Examination Hall i.e. 15 minutes before the commencement of the test: –


  • Reporting Time – 8:15 am (Pakistan Standard Time)
  • Entrance Test (All components) – 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Pakistan Standard Time)


  1. Candidates must bring with them pen, blue/black ball point, pencils, rubber, geometry-box, ruler etc. which they may need for answering the questions. Borrowing and lending will not be permitted during the exam. Answers may not be written in Lead pencil.


  1. Candidates should not have in possession any written or blank paper and Mobile Phone at the time of entry into the Examination Hall.


  1. Candidates will write their Roll Number, Name and Father’s Name only in the given space on the first page of Test Booklet, and nowhere else. They will not write their name or the name of their home town while writing essay/letter or application in any paper. If such a question is set in the paper, “XYZ” or “ABC” will be written instead.


  1. Answers will be written in blue or black ink only. Red and green ink will not be used.


  1. Candidates must not detach any page from the booklet. Rough work, if necessary, should be done on the answer-book and a line drawn through it to show that it is cancelled.
  2. Candidates must visit the Wash Room/Toilet before entering the Examination Hall as no candidate will be allowed to leave the Hall for the purpose.


  1. Parents may accompany their sons/wards but as soon as the candidates enter the Examination Hall, they should please go away and not move around in the vicinity of the examination area. This causes unnecessary disturbance to the candidates.


  1. No candidate should try and use UNFAIR MEANS in the Examination Hall. Anybody found doing so will be debarred from taking further test and his paper will be cancelled.


  1. Parents/guardians are also requested not to make any effort to contact/approach the invigilation staff in any way. Such efforts on the part of parents do no good and are a nuisance to the Supervisory Staff.


  1. Smart gadgets and communication devices i.e Mobile Phone etc are strictly prohibited.


  1. It may please be noted that no correspondence regarding results of the Written Test and Interview will be entertained.


  1. The use of calculators is not allowed. Wrist watch having calculator is not to be brought to the examination hall. (For 7th & 8th only).
  • Admissions in 1st Year

The point of entry in this College is Class 7th & 8th only, however, a few vacancies occur in the Class XI. These vacancies are filled on the basis of the result of written examination and interview.

Admissions for 1st Yr shall open in July 2022

Last Date to Apply will be announced later

Entrance Exam date will be announced later


Choice of Course in First Year:

  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Medical
  • ICS



Only those candidates who obtain 70% marks (Grade A-I) or more in the Board Matriculation Examination (or equivalent) are eligible to appear in the written examination. If Board Results are not declared by that time then Result Card of Class 9 and a Hope Certificate (original) from the Head of Institution last attended, for obtaining more than 70% marks in Matriculation final, may be attached.

Written Examination:

The Written Examination is held at Uswa College Islamabad and at Gilgit. It comprises following four papers (five subjects) based on Matriculation syllabus:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics or Biology
  3. Chemistry or Computer
  4. Physics

Interview & Medical Examination

Those who qualify the Written Examination are interviewed after the announcement of results. After selection, the candidates are required to get themselves medical examined and submit required Medical Test Reports on joining the College.

  • Sample / Pattern Papers

(Latest sample / pattern papers)



  • Fee Structure




                        The Current fee structure from July 2021 to June 2022 for Class 7th& 8th which was fixed in July 2021 is as under:-


  1. Non-Refundable (One Time)

                                                (1) Admission Fee                                                                    Rs.   5,000/-

                                                (2) Clothing, Bedding, Books                                                   Rs. 13,000/-

                                                (3)  Development Fund                                                            Rs. 12,000/-

                                                                                    Total:                                                   Rs. 30,000/-

  1. Refundable (One Time). Security Deposit

                                                (Equal to ONE month fee)                                                       Rs. 17,200/-     


2. One month advance fee   Rs. 17,200/- 


                                                Total at the time of admission:                                           Rs. 64,400/-


Note: The monthly fee & other charges may be revised in July 2022.


FEE & OTHER CHARGES – for CLASS 1st year


                        The Current fee structure from July 2021 to June 2022 for Class 1st year which was fixed in July 2021 is as under:-


  1. Non-Refundable (One Time)

                                                (1) Admission Fee                                                                    Rs.   5,000/-

                                                (2) Clothing, Bedding, Books                                                   Rs. 13,000/-

                                                (3)  Development Fund                                                            Rs. 12,000/-

                                                                                    Total:                                                   Rs. 30,000/-

  1. Refundable (One Time). Security Deposit

                                                (Equal to ONE month fee)                                                       Rs. 19,200/-     


One month advance fee Rs. 19,200/- 

                                                Total at the time of admission:                                           Rs. 68,400/-

Note: The monthly fee & other charges may be revised in July 2022.





  • Scholarships


Scholarships are awarded based on two factors i.e availability of funds and merit of each case as below:-


  • Academic Performance
  • Family Financial Background


The College makes efforts to arrange financial assistance for those students who are financially handicapped and show sustained outstanding academic performance i.e. score above 80 percent marks in terminal and annual exams. The amount and duration of such financial assistance depends on the donations received from donor agencies.




  • Members of Faculty

The College has well qualified and experienced staff. The entire teaching faculty holds masters degree or higher in their respective subjects with proven track record. PTIs are mostly retired Army personnel, well qualified to conduct sports, physical training, drill, gymnastics and martial arts etc.






  • Career Opportunities


Following links may be useful to select your career













































































  • Hostels

The college comprises five hostels. Each hostel hosts about 75 students. It is supervised by a House Master, an Assistant House Master. Evening preps enhance the effect of boarding and the House Staff render great services in guiding the boarding students.


  • Sports Fields

The College lays great stress on physical training and sports. Drill, physical training and sports are therefore compulsory for students. These are conducted under supervision of well qualified instructors. Sports grounds and gear are available for basketball, volleyball, football, hockey and cricket.


  • Mess

The students’ Mess is managed under the supervision of a Messing Officer who is a member of the teaching staff. He is assisted by a whole time Mess Supervisor and an Assistant Mess Supervisor. Students are also associated with the management of the Mess through appointment of a Mess Prefect and an Assistant Mess Prefect. One representative from each class is a member of the Mess Committee which meets regularly to draw up the menu and discuss ways and means of improving messing standard. The Mess Committee meeting  is presided over by the Principal. Meals served by the Mess include breakfast, lunch, evening tea and dinner.


  • Dispensary

The College Dispensary has eight beds ward for the students. It is looked after by College resident paramedic who is an experienced ex-army person. All minor ailments are treated at the Dispensary but for specialized treatment and in case of serious illness or injury the patients are referred to C.M.H. and M.H. Rawalpindi or Rifah Hospital, PIMS Islamabad etc. according to the entitlement of the students’ parents. Medical charges etc, if any, on the treatment in an outside hospital, will be charged to the students.


  • Mosque

Spiritual and moral grooming of students is given top priority. Students are continuously motivated to offer prayers five times a day regularly. Religious scholars and intellectuals are frequently invited to deliver lectures on various topics. The College Mosque is the center of all religious activities. It has the capacity to accommodate about 400 Namazies at a time.  A regular Pesh Imam has been appointed.


  • Electricity Backup

Two generators have been installed to cater for power breakdown.


  • Security System

The College is well guarded through efficient security system. The safety and security of the students is given high priority. Every effort has been made to ensure foolproof security.

  • High Speed Internet

The College has got 100 MBPs Fiber Optic internet connection for use in the offices and Computer Lab.


  • Library

The College attaches great importance to library as an effective tool for acquiring knowledge. The College Library is well equipped and subscribes to daily newspapers and magazines to inculcate reading habit in the students. A fulltime experienced Librarian has been employed to ensure upkeep and growth of the library and to guide the students in selection / search of reading material.

  • Labs

The College has following fully equipped Labs which fulfill the requirement for SSC & HSSC practicals:-

  • Bio Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Computer Lab


Students Life


  • Rules


……….. Visitors.

a……… Parents/guardians can visit their sons/wards only on the days notified in the College calendar at following timings: –


……….. October to March …………….. 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

……….. April to September …………… 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


b……… Students are not allowed to invite their relatives/guests and keep them in any College building.


c……… Parents/guests are to keep their movements restricted to the College Reception Area.


……….. Leave.

  1. Grant of casual leave is the discretion of the Principal. Leave is granted on a written application from parents.

b……… Leave other than the holidays authorized by the College will not be granted excepting in very exceptional circumstances. No leave will be granted for attending a wedding except of real brothers and sisters provided there is no important College commitment, and long distance travelling is not involved.


c……… In each term, there will be fixed number of week-ends that students can avail. These are notified separately.


d……… Only parents/guardians and limited number of close relations whose names are provided to the College at the time of admission shall be allowed to visit the students. The students will be allowed to spend the weekend and leave only with them.


e……… Students overstaying leave/weekend without a valid reason will be fined or punished.


……….. Telephone Calls. Students are not permitted to make telephone calls or receive calls from outside except on Sundays.


Important College Rules. Students are not permitted to keep the following

items in the House: –


a……… Radios, videogames, electronic appliances, personal computer, TV, mobile telephone.


b……… Unauthorized medicines/drugs.


c……… Money and valuables.


d……… Weapons of any kind.


e……… Cigarettes, tobacco and narcotics in any form.


f………. Matches, burners, heaters etc.


g……… Undesirable printed material and photographs.


h……… Explosive/ combustible material.


f………. Musical instruments.


Serious Offences. Students found guilty of the following offences are liable

to be withdrawn from the College: –


  1. Cheating, lying, stealing, gambling and immoral conduct.


2.Willfully damaging College property.


3. Keeping fire arms or knives of large size.


Breaking Bounds:

  1. Rudeness to the staff and seniors. Rude behavior of the students’ parents towards the staff.
  2. Absenting from the class and any other College activities without cogent reason.
  3. Being habitually unpunctual, untidy and slovenly.
  4. Smoking, using or keeping narcotics or tobacco in any form.
  5. Consistently showing poor performance in academics.
  6. Using unfair means in tests/ examinations.
  7. Being guilty of any act of indiscipline/ misconduct.


Leaving College Premises without Permission. No student is allowed to

leave College premises without written permission. Despite all possible

security measures, if any student leaves the premises / runs away, the College

shall not be responsible for any untoward  consequences. Such a student may

stand liable to be withdrawn if the Disciplinary Committee so decides.


Leaving College to go Abroad. Students are not allowed to go aboard,

even during vacations/leave, without specific written permission in the

form of “No Objection Certificate(NOC)” from the College.


  • Special Days
  1. Annual Parents Day & Prize Distribution. It is held once a year. The students display their talent through various activities i.e. Parade, PT, gymnastics, Karate and Science & Arts exhibitions. The winner students/Houses of the previous year in various academic   and co-curricular activities are awarded prizes by the Chief Guest.
  2. Following functions are also held regularly on annual basis:-

(1)       Eid Milad-un-Nabi (SAWW).

(2)       Youm-e-Hussain (A.S.).

(3)       Quaid-e-Azam (A.R.) Day.

(4)       Iqbal (A.R.) Day.


  • Event Calendar

Event Calendar is issued semester wise i.e. January to March, April to June, July to September and October to December every year.




  • Inter – House Competitions

It includes debates, quiz, Naat and Qirrat Competitions, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey and Cricket etc.


  • Picnics / Study Tours

Picnics / study tours are arranged once in a semester / term.




A large number of our alumni are studying or have graduated from some of the most prestigious  universities and institutions in Pakistan and abroad and are serving the nation in various professions i.e. medical, engineering, Armed Forces and civil service. Among the first thirteen batches who  have done F.Sc. from the College, the placement in various institutions / professions so far is as under:-

Engineering 203
Medical (MBBS,BioTech Pharma, DVM) 96
Armed Forces/Merchant Navy 19
CSP 01
MBA/C.A/ACS/Management Science 21
BS Honors, B.A/B.Sc/BBA/LLB 64
Total 404