About Us


Uswa College Islamabad is a project of Jabir Bin Hayyan. Trust. This Trust, established in the name of Father of Chemistry, is a vibrant and effective NGO working in the areas of education, health and poverty alleviation in rural areas of Pakistan. Its major focus area is the field of education. Uswa College Islamabad was established in April 2003. The College is a residential institution affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Islamabad (FBISE).


Board of Governors (BOG)

The Trust converted the College into an independent and autonomous institution in May 2008 and constituted a Board of Governors for its administrative control. Members of the Board are renowned personalities of repute and integrity who have vast experience in different fields. Members of the BOG have a tenure of five years. The present BOG members are:-


  1. Mr. Mirza Hamid Hasan                                             Chairman
  2. Maj. Gen. Syed Imtiaz Hussain Sheerazi (R)          Member
  3. Syed Mukhtar Husain Jafferi Member                     Member
  4. Syed Mumtaz Haider Rizvi                                         Member
  5. Brig Ghulam Haider(R)                                               Member
  6. Lt. Col. Ghulam Hasan Naqvi (R)                              Member
  7. Brig Ghulam Ali (R)                                                      Member and Secretary