A great achievement USWA COLLEGE ISLAMABAD has attracted the attention of Govt. authorities thanks to its enviable board results. It is evident from the Govt.decision to get some students from the remote & deprived areas of Balochistan admitted to the top institutions of Pakistan under its HUQOOQ E BALOCHISTAN PROGRAM.


Uswa College Islamabad is a project of Jabir Bin Hayan (father of chemistry) Trust. This Trust is a vibrant and effective NGO working in the areas of education, health and poverty alleviation in rural areas of Pakistan. Its major focus area is the field of education.Uswa College Islamabad was establisd in March 2003 and the first entry of students joined the College on 13 April 2003. The College is a residential institution affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate Secondary Education Islamabad.


Dissemination of education both in quality and spread must get highest priority if our nation is to pull out of the quagmire that we have sunk into. Magnitude of the task demands mobilization of colossal effort which may not be possible for Government to undertake in public sector alone. The challenge has to be shared by private sector NGOs and philanthropists. Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust is contributing its share by running a chain of over fifty Uswa Schools and Colleges, mainly in rural areas of Pakistan. Uswa College Islamabad is one manifestation of its dedication to the cause of education. The College has set ambitious goals to fulfill its mission so that by the time they complete F.Sc level studies at the College, a crop of knowledgeable, disciplined and patriotic young lot is ready to serve the nation. Established in April 2003, Uswa College Islamabad has, with the grace of Allah, made impressive strides in academics, co-curricular activities and environmental refinement. The College is getting introduced throughout Pakistan, and a need was felt to launch a website to address various queries, and facilitate prospective students and their parents/guardians. It is hoped that this website shall provide much needed information about the College.


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